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System Message

We will be adding a "Air-Spot Private Gateway" soon, this will require you to log in for each browser session. If you do not receive your password via e-mail please contact me with your account number.
Status System is running normally! There has been some issues with Yahoo! Chat rooms, this is because of "booter's" that are kicking people offline quite a lot. Until this issue is resolved, certain filters have been implemented, and are enforce now.
VPN Protocols Current SID: realrobley      Channel: 6      Encryption: 256bit      Wep Type: Hex      Key Type: Shared

VPN (virtual private network)
VPN is a Virtual Private Network that gives users wireless access to files, folders, and documents that are stored on a "Home Drive" The Home drive is a network hard drive, that's connected to a router, that's connected to a high-speed internet connection.

A Network consists of several factors, basically its a group of computers that has an ability to connect together, to share files, folders, applications, storage space, and an internet connection.

The fees you pay are for access to the entire network, they include maintenance fees, storage fees, and other costs related to running the said network. You are not purchasing a stand alone internet connection, therefore its legal, in fact its no different than most offices and business's do to run larger networks.

Pro VPN Package  $25.00/month

Includes: 1gb fast storage with no ad's or pop up's & music library on demand,  movie of the week, access to RealGames, and a family email account, Unlimited High-Speed Wireless Internet access.

Current rates: Rates are per month payable on the first banking day of every month. You will be required to purchase a wireless 80211.b PCI card for your system and have it installed, we do offer installation for $125, including card (card value $99.99).

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