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HeadGames 101  by:  robert Lockrey

Solve these puzzles and riddles to challenge your brain and keep it sharp! Think "out of the box."

1) You meet a meat cutter who is named Sam. He cuts prime ribs, stew meat, ribs, and many other cuts of meat. He wears size 38" jeans and is about 5 foot 3. Sam's shirts are oversized and baggy, and his shoes look about size 13. What does Sam weigh?

Answer: Sam weighs "meat"

2) If your mother is named Sandy, and she has 4 daughters, what is the name of the other daughter if the other three are named Penny, Nickel and Dime?

Answer: "You own name"

3) On a farm in Malaya is the world's most perfect plum tree. The main trunk has 24 branches, with each branch having 12 boughs, and each bough has 6 twigs, with each twig bearing 1 fruit. How many apples on the tree?

Answer: "There are no apples on a plum tree"

4) How many times can you subtract 2 from 21?

Answer: "ONCE - after that you are subtracting from 19, 17, etc"

5) In this list of words, what is the next word that comes into the sequence and why?
aid, nature, world, estate, column, sense, .....

Answer:  "heaven" - first aid, second nature, third world, fourth estate, fifth column, sixth sense, seventh heaven

6) A frog is at the bottom of a 30 foot well. Each day it jumps up 3 feet but slips back two. When will he reach the top?

Answer:  "day 28" - he jumps up to 27 feet on day 27, but on day 28 he jumps up 3 feet starting at 27 feet - 27+3=30 and he doesn't slip back.

7) Is it legal for a man to marry his widow's sister?

Answer: "it's not legal or illegal - the man is dead so he cannot marry anyone!"

8) An express train takes 3 seconds to enter a tunnel which is 3 miles long. If it is traveling 120 miles per hour, how long until it passes completely through the tunnel?

Answer: "93 seconds" - the train takes 30 seconds to travel 1 mile, and it travels for 3 miles, so that is 90 seconds, plus the 3 seconds to enter the tunnel.

9) A man, using a large shovel, dug a hole 14 feet deep and 36 feet in diameter. Each scoop of dirt weighs approximately 4 pounds. It took him exactly 2 hours 17 minutes and 34 seconds to dig the hole. How much dirt is in the hole?

Answer: Its a hole so there is no dirt in the hole

10) In your cellar there are 3 light switches. All 3 switches are in the OFF position. Each switch controls 1 of the 3 light bulbs in the room above. You may flick on any of the switches but you may go upstairs to inspect the bulbs only 1 time. How can you find out which switch is for each light bulb with just 1 inspection?


Flick ON switch #1 for about 3 to 5 minutes. Then switch it back to OFF.

Flick ON switch #2 then go upstairs and inspect the 3 bulbs.

1 of them is switched on, so you know that switch #2 belongs to that bulb.

Feel the 2 unlit bulbs. The hot bulb (which you lit for 3-5 minutes) is controlled by switch #1 and the cold bulb is controlled by switch #3

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